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At Topinno, innovative technology and solutions for deployment in industrial and commercial environments as well as for private use are the focus of our activities.
Topinno’s main strength is picking up an invention or product idea, developing and - taking into account all the necessary quality and safety standards - preparing it for serial production. Last but not least we take care of affordable quality manufacturing. To achieve this, we work closely with inventors, patent holders and industry partners. Marketing and sales of Topinno’s products are carried out via our growing global distribution network.

Topinno’s portfolio includes products for different fields of application, such as:
  • Building and construction technology
  • Technology for campers
  • Information technology
  • Media technology


Damp walls affect our living space and our lives. Mould, unpleasant room climates, and irritating smells can be the consequence. This can all become a thing of the past. TOPinno’s GODRYBOX is simple to install, easy to handle, and boasts very low power consumption. What’s more: the effect is fast and clearly noticeable! It can be used in any type of building or room, in the commercial as well as the private area, where exhibits or furnishings  ...

The electromechanical protection element "Willer® " disconnects automatically in case of fire by heat the PV string on or mechanical separation by breaking the ceramic cylinder at any time.

AM1 Arc Monitoring
permanent flow of energy in a solar generator during light/sun exposure with high DC voltages up to 1000 volts and fairly high DC currents is critical to all parallel and series resistances in a string like cable connectors, junction-box connectors,...

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